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This project was an email campaign for the PARK SMARTER™ mobile app. PARK SMARTER™ is an app that helps you locate parking meters (from IPS Group) ahead of time and allows you to pay for parking on the app. The email campaign is a series of emails that rolls out when you sign up for the app. The first email is a welcome email detailing what comes with the account as well as links to download the mobile application if you signed up online. The remaining emails are for when you make changes to your account, forget your password, instructions on new features, and much more.

The work that went in this was designing layouts that are branded like the app, creating visual elements, research, and production. 

Uses include: Email campaign for PARK SMARTER™ customers that can be viewed both on a computer as well as mobile.

PARK SMARTER™ Mobile App powered by IPS Group.

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